It's not the Destination. It's how you get there.

It's not the Destination. It's how you get there.

It's not the Destination. It's how you get there.It's not the Destination. It's how you get there.

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About US

Since 1982…

British Motors of Fairfield County has restored over 50 Classics and repaired over 5,000 British and European cars.

Until now all of our work has come from word of mouth. In keeping with the times, we are opening this site for our past, present and future customers.

You can rest assured that when you come to British Motors your car is in the hands of true craftsmen that know how to repair your car the right way.

A reliable British auto is our goal. The old school thinking that these vehicles are not reliable has to do with the “Rocket Scientists” that thought

a positive ground vehicle in a negative ground world was a great idea in the 50’s and 60’s

British Motors works on all TR’s, MG’s, AH’s, JAG’s, RR’s, Mini’s, plus all OLD SCHOOL British cars from 1940 to present.  At British Motors,

all work on your car is performed in a timely fashion. Most work is performed in a day. The thought that you have to leave your classic for weeks

and or months to have your vehicle repaired is not the way we do things.


Engine Rebuilding


Rear Ends




Convertible Tops

Fuel Injection and Carb’s

Body Work

Performance Modifications for all aspects of your car

Where To Find Us

149 Grassy Plain Street

Suite B2

Bethel, Connecticut 06801

☎ 203.866.9307

Our customers on the road

One of our customers enjoying a Sunday drive